Apple pincushion

Every year I choose a project and I make a thing for all my friends, in different colour variations to suit their tastes. This is the one I made last year. (I can’t blog about this year because my friends will read the blog and they’ll know what’s coming (apart from winter, but they already know that…)


Using different variations of Liberty, Tilda and Frou Frou fabrics, I made little apple pincushions. I like pincushions. Apart from actually being useful, they can look really amazing too. Some people are very creative with them…



Of course, being a botanical artist, I couldn’t help having to make them more or less botanically correct: the leaves are serrated, the stem has two different colours for the bark and the wood core, and the veining is anastomosing… That is, I thought they were botanically correct until some clever clogs pointed out that apple skins are not usually in segments of colourful ditsy flowers. Ha! Should have seen this one coming.

Anyway, my friends seemed happy with them…

During the year I made some more and I listed them in my Etsy shop here: