Amigurumi Bubulle

amigurumi-bulleamigurumi-bulle-2Last year I made a crochet amigurumi tiny dog in the image of my dad’s little Yorkshire terrier, Bulle. I made a keyring of it and my dad loved it. The only problem is, Bulle loves it too and every time my dad tries to use it she has a tantrum because she wants to play with it. Any toy that enters the house is hers by right, in her opinion, (actually , anything that enters the house is hers) but she would shred the poor thing within seconds. She isn’t spoilt at all.

For the pattern I used a classic amigurumi animal body shape, added an elongated ball for the head and some tubes for the limbs. I crocheted a half-ball for the muzzle and added all the long hair as if adding fringes to a scarf, or I suppose hair to a rag doll. Some seedbeads for the eyes and nose and a little bow in the hair and it looks just like Bubulle!

Yarn: Clea cotton for the body and Rowan Kidsilk Haze for the fluffy hair


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